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Project Management

Without skilled project managers, companies struggle to deliver projects on time, on a budget, and according to specifications. From inception to completion, you’ll learn how to manage every step in the process. Our Master of Science in Project Management will prepare you to own that role across a range of industries. Keep Reading »

Regulatory Affairs

As the biomedical industry expands in Canada and globally, so does the need to understand the regulations around it. This unique graduate degree is designed to deepen your understanding of current regulations and their practical application in the development and commercialization of drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Keep Reading »


The Master of Professional Studies in Analytics program prepares students by applying the principles, tools, and methods of analytics to a project within a sponsoring organization to successfully assist with the extraction, development, delivery, and/or translation/implementation of data analysis for tactical and/or strategic decision making in organizations.  Keep Reading »

Information Systems

In the Master of Science in Information Systems program, you will embark on an IT leadership pathway as a more evolved, dynamic software engineer. You will design groundbreaking software solutions that fit within the complexities of the business world and solve the humanistic needs of the people who use them. Keep Reading »


The Master of Professional Studies in Informatics prepares students to be successful for IT applications and management positions through a balanced curriculum that combines information science knowledge and technical skills training with an understanding of business fundamentals and strategic thinking regarding IT innovation. By connecting computing skills and applications to real-world challenges of information strategy, data governance, ethics, and business intelligence, students earn competency in the areas of information technology management, system design and development, information security, human-computer interaction, data analytics, cloud computing and web services, and enterprise architecture.  Keep Reading »

Career Resilience Workshops

The Career Resiliency workshop model supports Northeastern’s vision to develop, stackable, skills-based, digital learning experiences delivered over 3 weeks to non-credit learner audiences. Participants who complete the workshop earn a Level 2 badge from Northeastern. Career Resiliency modules can be stand alone learning experiences, or integrated within a course curriculum as part of a credit-bearing experience.

Learners will discover, purchase, access, and complete the modules via Canvas Catalog. Keep Reading »


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With the exception of MS Project Management, MS Information Systems, MS Regulatory Affairs, MPS Analytics and MPS Informatics, these programs are not offered at or supported by the Northeastern University Toronto campus and are not authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.